Pet CPR and First Aid Classes

5-Hour Pet CPR & First Aid Class - $150

This Class covers a wide variety of emergency and first aid situations including but not limited to:

CPR (3 ways)

Rescue Breathing

Minor and Major injuries

Insect and animal bites/stings


Gastric Torsion/Bloat

Snout to Tail™ wellness and injury assessment

Emergency Muzzling

Poison and toxin ingestion

Heat and cold injuries

Assessing Vitals

This Class will give you hands on experience and each student will receive a 40 page handbook with all the information from the class to take home 

as well at a certificate and 2 year certification.

Upcoming Classes


Sign Up For Class Today! Group Rates and first responder discounts are available!

Classes are usually held from 9am to 2 pm or 12pm to 5 pm on both weekdays and weekends

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Upcoming Classes

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