Single Dog Boarding - $48 Per Kennel Per Night 

2-Dogs Sharing Kennel - $86 Per Night 

3-Dogs Sharing Kennel - $124 Per Night 

Private-Play Boarding - $55 Per Night




Just because you've gone on vacation doesn't mean your dog can't have one, too! Your dog will get the pampering service they want. We offer large kennels with heated floors, bedding if needed/requested, careful monitoring of food and medication intake, and the same play time that our daycare guests enjoy at no extra charge! What could be better?

Notice on providing  food for extended stays:

If you are bringing a large amount of food for your stay, we ask that you put food into resealable bags (Gallon sized freezer bags work best). We can't except dog food bags even if they are unopened.

Dog Boarding Features

  • Individual 6x4 kennels
  • In floor heat
  • Bedding, including elevated

Discount Packages

Purchase 10 nights for $432 (10% savings)

Purchase 20 nights for $816 (15% savings)

(**Multiple dogs will EACH remove a day from a package**)

Kennel Baths are $15 with Daycare/Boarding. (Let us know when pickup time will be)

Nail Trims are just $15

All boarding includes playtime with doggie daycare groups

Add a 20 minute one-on-one training session while boarding with us for just $15!

What We Need

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We will also need:

Proof of Vaccination for Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies is required. Canine Influenza is highly recommended.

**Before boarding, we require all dogs to have passed their FREE HALF DAY ASSESSMENT**

Vet Records

Need to get vet records to us right away? No problem! You or your vet can simply email us at 

[email protected]

Sorry, we do not have a fax line. 

Speed up the drop off process and start your vacation sooner! 

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