First 1/2 day FREE! 
Before your pup can come in for daycare or boarding
they must come in for a free, four hour assessment with us.

Daycare Pricing:

$33 for a full day (5 hours+)
$21 for 1/2 day (less than 5 hours)

Kennel Bath $15-$45 (with day care)
Nail trims $15 (with day care)

Add a 30 minute one-on-one training session while
in daycare for ONLY $20 
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Advanced Purchase Discount Packages:

Full Day

10 days for $297.00 (10% savings)

20 days for $561.00 (15% savings)

Half Day

11 days for $210.00 (1-free 1/2 day)

23 days for $420.00 (3-free 1/2 days)

35 days for $630.00 (5-free 1/2 days)

**No expiration on packages.

Doggy Heaven   

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                                                                                             Proof of vaccination for Bordetella, distemper, and Rabies is required. 

                                                                                                                             Canine influenza is highly recommended. 

What You'll Find:

Supervised Playgroups - determined by temperament and play style:
We require all first time dogs to come for a FREE half day evaluation so that we are able to gauge what group is perfect for them. During this time we introduce them to various breeds, playstyles, etc. to make sure they are going to be comfortable here! We do not discriminate on ANY breeds so please bring your pup in for their evaluation regardless of their pedigree.

Indoor and Outdoor Areas - the largest is approximately 1/2 acre:
Our areas are spacious and offer both grass and turf to play on. We also have seasonal features such as shade sails and pools to keep your dog cool in the warmer months, and heaters/door flaps for the winter. These added items help to enrich the environment that your dog will enjoy while staying with us. 

Ideal for Exercise and Socialization:
Our saying is "a good dog is a tired dog." We believe that with the right socialization, exercise, and training your furry companion will be at their best. We work to create an environment that is only second best to being with you! We are an open play facility, meaning that your dog is going to be playing with others the entire time they are here. 

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