Is your dog loosing more hair than you can keep up with?
Need your dog to get a great bath and brush out? Look no further! 

Sniffer Station is dedicated to providing the best experience for our clients. That's why we are now offering a full grooming service to our customers! We have a wide selection of services that we can offer including breed cuts, trims, special baths, including our special shed removing treatment, perfumes, and much more.

Let our experienced staff take your pooch to the spa. It doesn't matter if they come in just for a quick brush and fluff, a rinse, or that pampered show dog coat, we'll make sure they go home looking and feeling like the million dollar dog you know they are. For a simple kennel bath or nail trim just let us know at drop off and we can make that happen! If you're interested in the full works, call today to set up a grooming appointment! 


Prices vary by breed, coat type, the dog's temperament, and the difficulty of the job.

Kennel Bath:$15.00-$60.00

Nail Trim:$15.00

Blow-out (with bath): $9.00 

(this may be added depending on the dogs coat type)

Full Grooming:

Small breeds: $40.00 and up

Large breeds: $70.00 and up

Full grooming is done by appointment and your dog must be a client of ours for these services. 

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